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We are growing and taking you with us.

Welcome to Zonat Sàrl.

We are the engine behind some of the best international Web Hosting and Domain Registration brands that empower online business success.

We provide world-class hosting, domain registration and related technologies, dedicated to the creation, evolution and growth of small businesses and enterprises around the globe.

Shaping your online presence

So, let us take your ideas off the ground. Our tools shape your online presence and increase your online visibility. We guarantee you will find our solutions top-notch. Whether you need website hosting, website backup, domains, site builders or any other digital domain solution, you will find it with us.


Reaching out to the World from the heart of Luxembourg
April 1996
We registered our first domain
Unique and highly visible Brands and Services and growing
Emergency Support for our clients


“We take competitive Web Hosting Solutions to the Next Level”

Using creative digital strategies leveraging our vast experience, we design and deliver the most effective Web Hosting solutions around.

Founded in 2003, Zonat Sàrl matured into a forerunner in the Web Hosting industry. In fact, today we own and operate an esteemed portfolio of web hosting brands, website development tools and a vast library of highly sought-after domains. Not to mention, our Hosting brands make quality web hosting and internet solutions attainable to individuals, small companies and large enterprises.

We go above and beyond

We collaborate and develop industry leading hosting products. This drives faster and more powerful website hosting technologies. Goal oriented, our aim is to place the right tools in the eager hands of people like you, while keeping prices low.

Hard work that pays-off

Our work-hard, play-hard mix unites a vibrant community of well-experienced, visionary and technology driven professionals. We listen and interpret customers’ needs to create targeted solutions that converts effort into sales. In addition to providing quality service, we also pledge 100% dedicated support – all year round – because your success represents the fruit of our labour.

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“Brands that you can count on, all under one umbrella.”

Empowering, developing and fostering growth, one company at a time!

Our brands share global goals. The common thread that unifies them, being Zonat’s absolute focus on helping our clients achieve online success. Our exclusive network of brands came together with the aim of unifying state-of the-art technologies and allied hosting services under one roof. Providing accessibility to quality services is the modern recipe for higher online business success rates.

Discover the most extensive website hosting solutions, domains, website back-up, SSL certificates and all the essentials needed to design, host, maintain and secure websites. The best part is, we still manage to do all this at an affordable price

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Meet The Team

Meet the Zonat team
Frederick Schiwek
Sebastien Herblot
Lead Developer
Christian Mathey


“Join us.”

We are a multi-cultural and tightly knit team driving Zonat together, from the heart of Luxembourg. We love to have qualified, skilled, and above all passionate team players on board to help our growth strategy. You can expect to work with a great team who are respectful of your contribution to Zonat’s success.

If this looks like your cup of tea or coffee, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



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Growing and building powerful brands around the globe.

“Accelerate your growth with us.”

We cater to a multi-national community of technology-based brands. From website hosting, to Domains and web management tools, we have brands and services that cover every aspect of your online journey. We provide the support and capital that small businesses need to thrive in an ever-changing and competitive global environment. At Zonat we believe in building bridges to help smaller brands attain success that is not only great for business but also for its stakeholders.

One way we successfully bring companies closer to their goals is through brand and company acquisitions. We understand that partnerships are more than having the same demographics. It’s about growth, visibility and building stronger bonds with both clients and stakeholders. We have helped and continue to help many brands, and companies achieve this goal. Now it’s time for us to accelerate your growth.

Just send us a message to let us know that you would like to partner with us.


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